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EU Cannabis Partnerships

Benchmark Botanics has established key EU partnerships for future sales and distribution in Europe. These partnerships will potentially allow the company to import seeds and strains from the Netherlands, export cannabis and cannabis products into Germany, and develop and produce new strains of cannabis and their propagating material from Spain for importation, sale and distribution in Canadian and global markets.

The Bull Dog - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Bulldog, founded in 1975, is an Amsterdam-based company that owns and operates a chain of cannabis coffee shops, souvenir shops, and hotels in Canada and the Netherlands.

The company has obtained a Trademark License Agreement granting the company the use of "The Bulldog" trademark in Canada.

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The Bulldog cannabis coffee shop in Amsterdam

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Packaged cannabis cupcake, purchased from a Bulldog coffee shop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Benchmark Botanics is actively pursuing business partnerships in Germany to export cannabis and cannabis products.

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BBG Projects - Barcelona, Spain

Since 2002, Barcelona-based BBG Projects, have been the leading experts in feminizing technology in the production of cannabis seeds and leading innovator of seed genetics.

Benchmark Botanics has entered into a collaboration agreement with BBG projects for the development and production of new strains of cannabis plant varieties and their associated propagating material for sale and distribution in Canadian and global markets. BBG Projects has agreed to provide its proprietary techniques and know-how for cannabis seed cultivation, cloning and strain development to Benchmark's R&D facility in Peachland, B.C. BBG Projects has also agreed to give Benchmark rights in Canada to produce and/or distribute cannabis seeds under the terms set out in the BBG/Benchmark collaboration agreement. In doing so, BBG Projects will list Benchmark Botanics Inc. as an official distributor of their products in Canada.